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Incognito Market is the world's largest darknet market which has been coded from scratch by the Incognite team who have developed such projects as Antinalysis, Libre Forum and SecTor City. At Incognito we prioritize user safety, security and customer service, whilst offering a feature-rich interface that supports the two most popular cryptocurrencies for darknet transactions; Bitcoin and Monero. We continually innovate in order to provide the best possible experience for all users.

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Incognito Market at a glance

Sliding Captcha
Sign Up Screen
Landing Page
Landing Page
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New to Incognito?

Before doing anything, make sure you download the Tor Browser.

After you match the geometrical shape in the captcha challenge, (a Kandinsky inspired puzzle), you will reach to our login / sign up page. Choose wisely, note that mnemonic down and memorize your secret phrase champ! And yes, you can search for vendors or products, and yes you can do that in 10 languages! We’re polyglots and we're proud of it!

An ever evolving marketplace

We’re always open to improvement and we listen to our community. Every user can propose changes and enhancements and vote to help shape Incognito to be the platform YOU want. We have a page for the changelogs so you can monitor all updates as they happen.

Bug Bounty

For tech geeks and hackers, work with us as an ally and you'll be rewarded. Tell us about any bugs you find, and once we are able to verify these, we will reward you with a bounty! For serious bugs we will consider payments of $5,000 or more.

Incognito Market Rules

Ten simple rules for all to follow on Incognito:

  • 1. No sale of weaponry or explosive or poisonous, nothing toxic or explosive.
  • 2. No sale of fraud or malware.
  • 3. No sale of dead or alive animals.
  • 4. No sale of fake products.
  • 5. No doxing, extortion or blackmail.
  • 6. No directing any buyers to any other markets.
  • 7. No phishing or pretending to be a member of staff.
  • 8. No spamming.
  • 9. No crypto scams
  • 10. No sale of p0rn or harmful media.

Any activity relating to any of the above will result in a ban from Incognito Market for an unlimited amount of time.

Features of Incognito Market

Main Link >>> incognizudojrh3z47tfudcqkuwayp6aeeiufjkccgvvt4jrjcbq3gyd.onion
Founded >>> 2021
Product Categories >>> Drugs only: Benzodiazepines, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Opiates, Psychedelics, Stimulants, Miscellaneous
Cryptocurrences Accepted >>> Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR)
Checkout Methods >>> Deposit to wallet or invoice (direct pay)
Security Features >>> Escrow, Advanced DDOS and phishing protection, PGP 2-FA, Secret word

Vendor Feedback
Live Bank
Live Bank
Vendor Profile
Vendor Profile

Market Wallet & Payments

Deposit, transfer, withdraw even exchange!

We accept BTC and XMR. We highly recommend Monero though since it's faster, has lower fees, and is more privacy friendly. Do not panic if you do not see your deposit register instantly as confirmations on the network can take between 20 minutes and 1 hour typically. If using Bitcoin, ensure you send a sufficient fee otherwise you may be left waiting many hours for your deposit to register.

For withdrawals, one rule; you may only withdraw once per hour of each coin type. This is to prevent the overload and potential attacks on our crypto servers.

If you wish to exchange funds between Monero and Bitcoin, our fee is fixed 2%. This makes us one of the lowest fee cryptocurrency exchanges on the darknet. For comparison, the leading darknet cryptocurrency exchange (Infinity Exchanger) has fees of 4%. So you can save 50% on fees by exchanging through Incognito.

Vending on Incognito

Enable PGP 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) then select your application type. Describe your previous vending experience and sign the message with your PGP key. Our bond is $750 (USD) and you can be promoted to Finalize Early (FE) status after earning a good reputation and behavior. Or you may apply to FE Vendor status immediately at a cost of which is $5000 USD which is refundable should you decide to stop trading on Incognito Market. This is only if you have a 1000+ score on Recon and an excellent reputation. Otherwise, all transactions are subject to escrow (which can be configured at 5 days or more depending on your delivery times).

Leaderboard: We announce the top and leading vendors on a leaderboard once per month.

Handling of Disputes

A buyer can open a dispute if an issue cannot be resolved directly between the vendor and the buyer. Buyers and vendors will receive notifications in a dispute chat section which will allow for dialogue between both parties to take place. In the instance agreement cannot be reached, an Incognito moderator will make a ruling which may involve a refund or partial refund to the buyer, or funds being fully released to the vendor. Any evidence provided will be carefully considered.

Product Search
Product Search
Vendor Leaderboard